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Product Spotlight KrankingKART Mini HD

KrankingKART Mini HD

KrankingKART Mini HD What makes the Mini HD stand out from all other jump starters. Lets look at it piece by piece. The Heart The heart of the Mini HD is 6 commercial grade KAPower Supercapacitors. These are DC supercapacitors which pack a punch for outputting 12 volts. The Mini HD is rated at 12… Read…

What makes the Mini HD stand out from all other jump starters.

Lets look at it piece by piece.

The Heart

The heart of the Mini HD is 6 commercial grade KAPower Supercapacitors. These are DC supercapacitors which pack a punch for outputting 12 volts. The Mini HD is rated at 12 volt 500 Fareds. The cranking power supplied by the Mini HD is 1500 cranking amps. Suitable for diesel engines up to 8 liters.

The Case

The first thing you will notice is the quality of the build. The Mini HD is made in the USA. The external carry case is made by GEMSTAR. They build cases for the harshest industries in the world including military, industrial, medical, aerospace and electronics. Their cases are designed to withstand the harshest conditions possible and can withstand a life of hard knocks. No, you wont drop it and break it. 

The case has a carry handle ensuring it is easy to carry and high quality locking tabs to ensure the Mini HD remains closed.

The Mini HD  is very popular in the marine industry as the case is also designed to waterproof IP67 standard and will float if dropped into the ocean or lake. The external connectors mounted on the case are also built to the waterproof standard. If for some reason the Mini HD gets sea water inside the case, just open the case up and hose it out with fresh water, let it dry, close it up and its back in use again. It is built to a IP67 standard inside and out.

The Leads

The heavy duty leads are designed to transfer as much power as possible. The positive lead is 21mm square and the negative cable is 19mm square. Coming out of the case through the waterproof connectors there is 2 meters of lead each including the clamps. 

The clamps

Again very high quality 900 Amp solid copper clamps. This is the only maintenance recommended for the Mini HD. An occasional grease of the clamp springs to keep them in top order. Jump Start cables are bolted to the clamps and protected with high quality hand grips.

The controls and safety.

Situated on the top of the case is the on/off and momentary voltage check switch. A boost button and also a LED indicator light.

The on/off and momentary voltage check switch is a rocker style. To check the voltage in the jump starter, press the rocker switch forward. When pressed forward the voltage meter will light up and show the voltage. Off is in the center position and to operate the jump starter, rock the switch back until it clicks and stays on.

Once turned on the indicator light will show orange. If the jump starter is connected to a vehicle when it is turned on, it will detect the battery and if connected correctly, the LED will turn green and you will hear a clunk as the jump starter becomes active. If incorrect (reverse polarity) the LED will flash Red/Green and will not activate. 

It will also not activate if connected to the wrong voltage.

Boost button

The boost button allows you to activate the jump starter in situations where it does not activate automatically. This may happen when a vehicles battery is very low and cannot be detected by the jump starter. Usually under 2-3 volts. You may also wish to run something like a compressor or light for a while out of the jump starter. You can connect to the clamps and manually activate the jump starter this way.

Recharge Time

The KAPower supercapacitors can be recharged from any 12 volt DC source, For normal operation, after you start an engine, leave the Mini HD hooked up to the battery and it will recharge from the vehicles alternator. This will normally take between 10 and a 90 seconds depending on how low the Mini HD is. Supercapacitors have very little resistance in them and can output high amounts of cranking power until they are down to around 9 volts. This minimum resistance also allows the Mini HD to recharge from the vehicle or any DC 12 volt power source in seconds.


The Mini HD is truly maintenance free. Designed to be permanently portable the Mini HD never has to be plugged in power to charge and can hold enough power in the supercapacitors for extended periods of months or even over a year and still have enough power to crank. It is recommended to periodically lightly grease the jump starter clamp springs. 


The Mini HD has a very long life expectancy. The commercial quality KAPower supercapacitors can be discharged and recharged upwards to 1,000,000 times. They use a physical reaction, not a chemical reaction to charge. Because of this the supercapacitors do not wear out and will perform for many years. If the Mini HD is left at low voltage even down to 0 volts for extended periods, no damage is incurred. Just charge it up again when you need it.


The Mini HD has a lot of power and a small amount of energy relative to a battery. I physically tested the Mini HD by hooking up a 10 Amp 12 volt air compressor with to it. It ran the compressor for 5 minutes and the compressor cut off at just under 11 volts. The interesting thing is the Mini HD still has enough power left in it for multiple engine starts.

Watch the Mini HD in action

Don’t listen to me, check out our customers comments


Posted by David Hancock on 19th Mar 2020

David Hancock. Mt Gambier South Australia.

I purchased one of your krankingKart starters 2 years ago at the Horsham field days. It’s taken me a while to get round to it but I have to tell you it’s the greatest frustration reducing tool for starting almost every thing I’ve ever seen. We run a contracting business in south east of South Australia and have about 30 machines so we have plenty of non starts. Ive lost count. So even though the price seems fairly high.. it’s worth every cent . Cheers to you for sourcing such a great unit. You should advertise as a heart health professional. Your machine has definitely reduced my blood pressure Again worth every cent. Cheers David Hancock.

In summary.

The Mini HD is nothing short of impressive to say the least. With its power, no maintenance, long service life and ability to handle commercial environments and harsh conditions it is no wonder the Mini HD leaves the others behind.