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Product Spotlight KSM


We often get asked “What is a permanent engine starting solution? We use batteries, what else is there?”

Our KSM or KAPower Starting Module is a permanently mounted engine starting device. The KSM is completely maintenance free and will consistently start your vehicle or equipment all the time, every time. The KSM has a long service life and is designed to outlast the vehicle, vessel or equipment it is mounted on. 

KSM 12 volt 6 cap


  • The KSM will consistently provide engine starting power irrespective of any batteries remaining after installation.
  • KSM recharge time after each start can be as quick as 30 seconds
  • Engine starts are always at full voltage extending the service life of the starter motor and relevant electrical components.
  • You will be able to reduce or eliminate start batteries depending on your specific needs.
  • Any remaining cranking batteries will double to triple their service life.
  • If the KSM ever cranks flat, it can be recharged from the batteries remaining on the vehicle, any DC power source like a jump starter or another vehicle in less than 3 minutes.
  • KSM Isolates when your vehicle, vessel or equipment is stopped. This eliminates any drain from standby power leakages.
  • Long self discharge time of up to 2 years.
  • Unlike batteries, cold weather does not affect the KSM’s performance.
  • Easy to install and can be shifted to your next vehicle or equipment.
  • Made in the USA.

Do I still need batteries and why

In the short, YES

  • The KSM is an engine starting module, it is not a energy supply. It can supply large amounts of power for engine starting but contains a limited amount of energy.
  • The KSM has enough energy to supply power if needed for glow plugs and initial start up procedures if there is not any batteries or the batteries are completely drained.
  • Any remaining batteries can be greatly reduced in numbers and size depending on your specific power needs.
  • The KSM combined with either deep cycle batteries or crank batteries will provide a robust and extremely reliable engine starting system.
  • The ideal situation is to install a KSM and reduce your batteries in number and size retaining enough to satisfy your power needs.
  • In situations that do not require ancillary power needs like generators or the like, depending on your situation batteries may be eliminated.


  • KSM is a bank of DC Supercapacitors designed for large engine starting
  • Supercapacitors can discharge huge amounts of power quickly making them ideal for engine starting.
  • They can also accept charge very quickly allowing them to recharge very quickly as well.
  • After an engine starting event and while the vehicle, vessel or equipment is running the KSM will recharge and monitor the KSM’s internal voltage.
  • Once the vehicle, vessel or equipment is turned off, the KSM will isolate itself from the vehicles electrical system and remain fully charged for the next engine starting event.
  • The KSM is direct charge and will recharge equal to the recharging input voltage for example a 24 volt KSM will recharge to 27-28 volts by a 24 volt alternator.
  • The KSM has a pre programmed PLC or Programed Logic Controller inside which monitors the KSM’s state of charge.


The KSM is available in 4 sizes. If your requirements are outside of these, contact us for custom sizes.

KSM 12 volt 6 cell. This will start diesel engines up to 8 litres.

KSM 12 volt 10 cell. This will start diesel engines up to 15 litres.

KSM 24 volt 10 cell. This will start diesel engines up to 32 litres.

KSM 24 volt 12 cell. This will start diesel engines up to 26 litres and provides more energy.

The KSM is suitable for any industries that rely on batteries for their

engine starting.

Mining  –  Marine, all sized boats  –  Road Transport  –  Agriculture  –  Bus/Coach  –  Generators

Create a robust and reliable engine starting system ensuring your engine starts every time.

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