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BT175 Battery Tester


Digital Battery Tester

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12 Volt Voltmeter Battery Tester

Tests 12 vot batteries up to 1200 cranking amps

Digital Batterty Tester for checking 12V batteries and starting/charging systems with digital accuracy
For lead-acid, VRLA, AGM and gel batteries
Digital display shows voltage and CCA rating
LED lights indicate diagnostic
Voltmeter range is 7 to 15 V

For Testing

  • 12 volt batteries, up to 1200 cold cranking amps
  • Battery state of charge
  • Battery cranking ability
  • Charging system output
  • Starter motor draw


  • Accurate, easy to read LED screen
  • Checks the battery, starting and charging systems
  • Four LED indicators

Operating range

  • 100 – 1200 CCA (SAE)



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