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EC5 to OBD11 Connector


EC5 to OBD11 Connector

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OBD11 to EC5 Jump start port

Using this OBD11 memory saver will eliminate the need to reset all the setting in the vehicle like radio, windows and many other accessories.

The EC5 to OBD11 is used as a memory saver in the instance of changing a battery or disconnecting the battery power supply. Connected to a Jump Starter the OBD11 will supply power to the vehicles computer system.

Connect the OBD11 connector to the OBD11 port under the dash of your vehicle and connect the EC5 port to the MGR1000 or similar jump starter. Do this before disconnecting the battery from the vehicle. This will supply power to the vehicles computer system while the battery is disconnected. After connecting the battery to the vehicle again, disconnect the OBD11 before attempting to start the vehicle.



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