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KrankingKART JR 12/24 3000 A Jump Starter


KrankingKART JR 12/24 3000 A Jump Starter designed with supercapacitors. Always ready to work. built for harsh conditions and capable of many years of service,

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Heavy Duty Jump-Start Cart Giving An Engine The Power It Needs To Start.

To enable the ability to jump start vehicles and equipment with multiple different jump start Anderson we have made this modification to the KKJR 12/24 combo and also offer different jump start adapters as options.

Modifications Made and included.

  • Added a 350A Anderson connector into the jump starter case for cable Anderson.
  • Added a 350A mating connector to the jump cables.

Options available

  • A 2 meter long 350 A Anderson to 350 A Anderson connection cable suitable for starting equipment with a 350 A Anderson jump start connector. This cable can also be used as an extension to increase the length of the clamp cables.
  • A 350 A Anderson to 175 A Anderson adapter. Use for starting equipment with a 175 Anderson jump start connector
  • A 350 A Anderson to Caterpillar connector adapter. Use for starting equipment with caterpillar jump start recepticle.

The KrankingKART JR is and industrial jump starter capable of starting diesel engines up to 18 litres. The KKJR does not have batteries and requires no maintenance during its service life of up to 20 years. Simple to use and has lock out protection, indication LED light and a buzzer to ensure polarity and voltage is correct on connection. Extremely powerful and reliable, the heart of the KrankingKART JR is the KAPower supercapacitor.  The KAPower supercapacitors are initially energized from a vehicle’s electrical system.  KAPower supercaps then stores the energy until needed.  KAPower supercaps have a long service life upwards of 1,000,000 cycles and can outlast all other jump starters.  The KAPower is virtually unaffected by temperatures and is maintenance free. Made in the USA the KrankingKART jump starter range will revolutionizeton the jump starting industry with its unprecented power and reliablilty and 90 second full recharge ability.


 Features of the KrankingKART JR

• NEVER Needs To Be Plugged Into An A/C Power Source

• 30 Second Charge Provides FULL Cranking Power

• No Lead-Acid Batteries To Maintain Or Replace

Always Ready

• Delivers up to 3000 Amps of Cranking Power

• Can Be Re-Charged Over 1,000,000 Times

• Power Output Is Virtually Unaffected By Temperatures Revolutionary Design

• Capacitor Is Sealed, No Maintenance Required

• Built In Safe-Guards

• Remote Power Button

• Reverse Polarity Lockout Protection

Check it out in action starting a 24 volt truck

 Check out the KKJR starting a 24 volt truck



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