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MGC1407 12 and 24 volt Jump Starter 1400-700 Amp


12 and 24 volt Jumpstarter 1400-700 Amp is ideal for starting small to mid sized trucks and machinery. Just hook it up and it will auto detect 12 or 24 volt.

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MGC1407 12 and 24 volt Jump Starter 1400-700 Amp

The MGC1407 is a reliable and powerful lithium battery 12V and 24V jump starter.

At 24 volt, the peak Amps are rated at 700 and is suitable for vehicles up to class 6 and some class 7 trucks including most body trucks with engine size up to 9 liters and . The MGC1407 can also start larger vehicles depending on the state of charge of the vehicles batteries.

At 12 volt, the peak Amps are rated at 1400 and is suitable for vehicles up to 4 to 5 liter diesel engines but can start larger vehicles depending on the state of charge of the vehicles batteries.

The MGC1407 jump starter has intelligent detection and will automatically detect if the vehicle is a 12 or 24 volt system. Once the jump starter is connected to a battery, the system voltage detected will activate the LED light above the voltage button on the front of the jump starter. Once this light activates the vehicle is right to start.

In the instance where the battery voltage is very low, 24 volt < 13.5 Volts and 12 Volt < 4 volts the jump starter’s automatic detection feature may detect the 24 volt system as 12 volts and the 12 volt systems may not be detected at all. In these extreme cases the MGC1407 has a manual activation (force activation) feature. To use the force activation feature to manually activate the jump starter allowing you to perform a jump start even when the battery is missing or completely dead, hold down the force activation button above the corresponding vehicle’s system voltage. You will see the jump starter’s battery level light flash in series. After several seconds the respective voltage you selected LED will light up to a solid green and you will be able to start your vehicle.

The MGC1407 lithium jump starter also features a build in battery maintainer to ensure the jump starter is ready all the time. This means you can leave the MGC1407 jump starter on charge indefinitely without damaging the lithium battery.

It also includes a powerful work light that features 3 modes, work light, strobe and SOS modes. Great to have in case of emergencies or working on your vehicle or equipment. There is also a USB port which can output 2.4 Amps to ensure fast charging of phones and devices. With a large 30,000 mAh lithium battery, it can supply many charges to devices and phones.

The jump start cables are permanently connected and are 660mm long each. Made from 6 AWG cable rated at 200°. The clamps are very well built and made of solid copper with a strong spring.

The MGC1407 has a handle at the top and the cables are designed to be stored on the jump starter.

Weighing just under 3 KG, the MGC1407 is a must have for farming, couriers, earthmoving, civil works and motorhomes.

Backed with our Marxgold 3 year warranty, you can rest assured this jump starter will get the job done.


Battery Type          Lithium polymer cell
Battery capacity     30000mAh/111Wh
Dimension             189.96*85.49*37.86mm(H)
Weight                   2.85KG

Output                   5V/2.4A-mobile phone, tablet pc, other digital devices

Start current          12V 700A / 24V 350A
Peak Current          12V1400A / 24V 700A

Operation Temp.      -20-60℃/-4℉-140℉

In the Box

1 x MGC1407 12/24 volt jump starter peak amps 1400/700

1 x Australian Standard AC charger input 240V output 15V 2 Amps

1 x Hook to hang the jump starter if needed.

1 x MGC1407 Jump Starter user manual.



12 Months repair or replace plus an additional 2 years pro rata warranty an on our website warranty information


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