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MGR1000 Jump starter cable


MGR1000 Jump starter cable with built in protections is designed to protect the jump starter and vehicle for incorrect polarity hook up. Multiple protections .

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Full protection smart cable to suit MGR1000 Marxgold 4 x 4 jump starter.

Our full protection cable is designed to protect both your vehicle and the jump starter.

  • Automatic battery detection and activation (solid green)
  • Reverse polarity protection (red/green)
  • Incorrect voltage protection (red/green)
  • Low jump start battery protection  (solid red)
  • Overheating of the jump starting cable protection (red)
  • Battery short circuit protection
  • Anti spike to protect your vehicles computer

Our cables also feature a manual override button. When your vehicle has a battery that is too low in voltage to be automatically detected by the smart cable (under 2 volts), ensure it is hooked up correctly and press the manual override button located on the top of the smart cable for 3 seconds. This will force power to the clamps enabling you to jump start your vehicle.



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