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4 pK Red Anderson Style Connector 50 Amp inc 8 x 6B&S Pins


50 Amp Anderson Style Blue connection. Great for identifying cable connections and commonly used as the output for alternator charging of battery packs.

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    4 Pack of Red Anderson Style Connectors rated at 50 Amp including 8 x 6 B&S pins This is a pack of 4 Red Anderson Style connectors including 8 x 6B&S pins. The Anderson Style 50 Amp connector is a designed to connect to any Red Anderson and Anderson Style connectors. Popular for use in for solar connectors or brake away, the Red to Red Anderson will ensure the correct appliance or source/load is connected. The coloured Anderson are all keyed differently and will only connect with their own colour. Gender No Distinction, Genderless Design Colour Red Rated Current 50 Amp Rated Voltage 600 Volt Contact Material Copper, Silver Plated  


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