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50 Amp Anderson with Eye Terminals 8 AWG 300mm


High Current Connector 50 Amp with Eye Terminals 8 AWG 300mm. Provide a power outlet or charge inlet from you battery. Connect the eye terminals and plug in.

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50 Amp Anderson connector with Eye Terminals 8 AWG 300mm

This is a great connector to hook up to a battery and give you an Anderson connection directly from the battery. Used for many great uses like connecting to a solar panel to charge the battery, an Anderson output to run an appliance, fridge, lights, compressor or even a permanent connection for a battery charger.

The Anderson Style connection mates with all Grey and Black Anderson connectors. Made with super flexible silicon 8 AWG tinned cable. The eyelets have a 8mm hole for easy attaching to battery terminal clamps. Once attached, it can be left there permanently making it easy to power up or power out of the battery. You may want to add a cover to it to keep out any dust, dirt and water.

Rated Voltage 600V

Length 300 mm

Cable rating

8 B&S or AWG is rated for up to 40 Amps Critical load up to 3 Meters or Non Critical Load up to 9.1 Meters

12 months


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