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SAE to Anderson 50A 16 awg 6 meter


SAE to Anderson 50A 16 awg 6 meter extension connection to an Anderson outlet. Great for powering the pesty SAE devices from an Anderson connection.

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Anderson Style 50 Amp to SAE 6 Meters

This connector is a 6 meter extension lead with an SAE connection on one end and a Black Anderson Style 50 Amp connection on the other end.

Main uses include extension lead for smaller solar trickle chargers, if you are putting the tractor or vehicle in the shed and wish to keep it charged by a solar trickle charger, using this extension allows you 6 meters to find a place outside for the trickle charger. Also great for battery trickle chargers, some water pumps and accessories also use the SAE connector.

The Black Anderson Style connector is compatible with both Grey and Black 50 Amp Anderson connectors.


Cable Size 16 AWG
Fittings Andersons Style 50 Amp and SAE
Colour Black
Fitment Type Crimped
Length 6 Meters
Recommended Maximum Load 10 Amps
Max Amps Critical Load Distance 1.8 Meters
Max Amps Non Critical Load Distance 6.1 Meters
12 months


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