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Dust Cover Red Rubber 50A


Anderson Comp SMH SB50 50 Amp Dust Cover Red. Great to keep the dust and dirt out of your Anderson connection when you are not using it.

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Dust Cover Red Rubber 50A

Keep the dust, dirt and water out of your Anderson connections when not being used.

This connection suits all 50 amp Anderson connectors and is installed on the outside of the Anderson connection. Great for all your loose Anderson connections for example the trailer or caravan Anderson connection, Extension cables or any power adapter connections. It will not suit fitted Anderson connections that do not have room around the outside for the cover to fit over the connection.

To install, stretch the rubber loop fully over the Anderson connector so it hangs on the cable. This will ensure you do not lose the connection when the Anderson connection is in use. Take note of the inside of the rubber Anderson cover, on the wider side there are 2 rubber intrusions inside the cover, to fit correctly, these go to the bottom side of the Anderson as it is narrower ensuring a smug fit.

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