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KSM 24 Volt 10 Cell Starting Module


KSM 24 Volt 10 Cell Starting Module. KAPower Starting Modules, KSM is a supercapacitor module designed to eliminate down time while saving you maintenance costs

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KSM 12 Volt Starting Module featuring KAPower Supercapacitors.

If you have ever suffered downtime due to the failure of lead-acid batteries you know the event’s cost is more than just the purchase price of the battery. Lead-acid batteries have limitations and they are being pushed to the limits with today’s electrical demands. The situation gets worse as the demands increase and will make the dependence on the lead-acid battery for starting your engine a risky scenario.

The KSM contains everything you need to never experience the effects of a dead battery again. This comes from the KAPower technology found inside. KSM is a Supercapacitor (a.k.a. Ultracapacitor) and when installed on a vehicle, down time from a “dead” battery is ELIMINATED.

The device is initially energized from the vehicle’s electrical system and stores the energy until needed. Even with “run down” batteries, the KSM gives an engine the power it needs to start. It is virtually unaffected by temperatures and is completely maintenance free. KSM has a long service life, upwards of one million cycles without the loss of cranking power, compared to an average battery’s life of 300 – 500 cycles. It may even outlast the equipment it is installed on. Thousands of units are in service and have been operating effectively for many years.

The KSM can be installed on most vehicles, or pieces of equipment.


Eliminate the cost and down time associated with jump-starting

  • KAPower Starting Module can sit unmonitored for up to 2 years and still supply enough power to crank your engine

Eliminate the costs of maintenance associated with starting batteries

  • KAPower Starting Module has a 15 – 20 year service life and is completely maintenance free.

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