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Waeco Fridge to Anderson 50 Amp16 AWG 3 Meters


Anderson Style connector 50A to Waeco Fridge Cable 16 AWG 3M. Use to connect directly from an Anderson connector to your Waeco fridge.

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Waeco Fridge connection to Anderson Style connector 50Amp Cable 16 AWG 3 Metres

Ensure your fridge stays powered while travelling. Get rid of the annoying 12 volt cig connector that tends to ride out of the socket when you hit a bit of rough country. Connect your Engel fridge directly to a secure Anderson plug.

The Waeco fridge cable is constructed from 16 AWG twin cable. The cable is 3 meters in length and has a Grey Anderson Style connection on the end.

Running your fridge from an Anderson connection will always ensure you have cold beer (or food) when you arrive at your camping spot.

The Waeco connection fit a large variety of different fridges including, Waeco, Brass Monkey, Evercool, Aldi, BCF, Supercenter etc to name a few. Check your connection to the picture to ensure it is the correct fitting for your fridge.


Cable Size 16 AWG Twin
Fittings Andersons Style 50 Amp and Waeco
Colour Grey Anderson
Fitment Type Crimped
Length 3 Meters
Recommended Maximum Load 10 Amps
Max Amps Critical Load Distance 1.8 Meters
Max Amps Non Critical Load Distance 6.1 Meters
12 months


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