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1 to 2 Splitter Lead 50A 8AWG 300mm


High Current Connector Piggyback Lead 1 to 2 50A 8AWG 300mm. Use to split the power outlets or even plug the solar panel in one and the fridge in the other.

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1 to 2 Splitter Lead 50A 8AWG 300mm

This splitter cable is constructed from 8 AWG flexible cable. and has 1 Anderson Style connector on one end and splits to 2 50 Anderson Style connectors.

Each split connector is constructed from 8 AWG cable with a 50 Amp Anderson Style connector on the end.

Both splits are attached to the single Anderson.

A great cable to use for splitting one Anderson connection to 2 sources of power. It can also be used as a source and load connector meaning you can connect the single Anderson side to your battery via clamps or eyelets or direct with an Anderson connection. You can run a solar panel to one of the splits to charge the battery and also connect a fridge to the other split to run the fridge or accessory.


Cable Size 8 AWG (8 B&S) Twin Core
Fittings Andersons Style 50 Amp
Colour Red Both Ends
Fitment Type Crimped
Length 3 Meters
Recommended Maximum Load 40 Amps
Max Amps Critical Load Distance 3 Meters
Max Amps Non Critical Load Distance 9.1 Meters


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